There is always a chance this will change next time around, and maybe especially because our Quran facilitator was out this summer otherwise it easily  could have been a tie, but currently my very favorite activity from The Big Reconnect Maximized Mini Retreat London 2018 is drumming with The Pearls of Islam. Admittedly, during our first jam session in 2017 I was a bit preoccupied with fangirling, as well being in work mode, so I knew their drumming workshop was great and well-received, but wasn’t able to revel in it as much as I did this year. This year I was able to relax a bit more and thoroughly enjoy the magnificence of the work these sisters do. In no particular order, let me detail why The Pearls are so good at what they do:

  1. They are skilled professionals, knowing how to teach a workshop, engaging all members of the group and accommodating each at their individual levels.
  2. They obviously love what they do and energetically make making music infectious to those of us who could previously only aspire to being funky drummers.
  3. They make beautiful music: with a group of newbs and more so with each other.
  4. They reach out, far and wide, bringing the joys of nasheed to people across the globe.
  5. They let you touch all their cool drums. Yeah, I know it’s workshop and so that should be a given, but it’s still so cool!


Wanting to make drumming more easily accessible within my family and immediate community, I have acquired two drums with that goal in mind, and only need to prioritize practicing every now and again. Until I can sit The Pearls again, insha Allah, there are a few Youtube videos I occasionally thunk and plat along to. But even better, the FIRST EVER LONG AWAITED ALBUM by The Pearls is dropping this year and soon we will all be able to patter along with them all the days long – insha Allah! You can preorder your copy here. XX