I’m polishing up the Two Weeks Free portion of the upcoming Writing From The Fitra Workshop and thought I should take a moment to explain my process here. Firstly, I know that even though it’s stuff they love and need, it is very, very difficult for many of my workshop takers to bring themselves to do something like a writing workshop. These writers and writing-types are busy, busy women. And they feel guilty doing something so luxurious as navel gazing taking an introspective, personal growth writing workshop. I get that. I live that!

So what I’ve done is packed a bunch of enticing, inspiring, results-driven, fun exercises into six weeks. Packed. My experience has been that many women just can’t continue on after six weeks, they have family and stuff that they feel they are neglecting and have to just say “Thank you very much at that point” and get back to their other things. Then, of course, they feel a little bad about not completing the workshop… so, nope not here. Six weeks is easier to commit to than a whole semester or even eight weeks. At the end of six weeks, most of you will feel well satiated, some of you may be contentedly exhausted, but whoever has the time, energy and desire can keep going for two more glorious weeks. No guilt. Less guilt?

And, of course, I’m going to email the last two weeks of prompts to everyone so you can do them at your leisure. As well, each week has 2-3 exercises to choose from, so there is plenty of material to go back to as well.

So that’s the plan. I hope you steal some time for yourself today/tomorrow/this week and even better if you steal some to spend with us and do some Writing From The Fitra.

For loads more information about the workshop, please go here.

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December 8, 2016 – January 12, 2017
6 weeks +2 weeks free
$150 USD