I just realized that I never got around to writing about the unassisted (assisted by my husband) birth story of Asiya Eve last year. Maybe I hadn’t done so because it was really quite uneventful.

My water broke late in the morning, maybe it was even early in the afternoon. I told my husband, who pops in and out of the house at least a half dozen times a day, that if he had any errands to run to please do so now and quickly. And he did. Slowly (pacing myself) I began to prepare the odds and ends for the birth: put my juices in the fridge to cool, brewed my herbs for a sitz bath, placed our homemade birth kit next to the birth stool, gave my sister in law the brand new scissors to sterilize, and pulled out some comfy clothes for baby and I. My sil set my kids up with snacks and a dvd.

Soon enough I was feeling “closer” and called my husband into our bedroom. I began crying and told him that I wasn’t really afraid, but that this was the part where I felt slightly overwhelmed and scared. Saying encouraging words he hugged me and I felt much, much better. Then he began to fuss with the birth supplies- setting the plastic up just so and getting himself a little stool to sit on- and I was feeling very relaxed so I decided to try to catnap, though I have never been able to do so in my prior labors. I lied down on my side and almost immediately had a strong contraction with a nearly irresistible urge to push. “I’m going to get on the chair and push her out, ok?” I warned the husband. “Ok” was his readied reply and he helped me to quickly take the two steps over to the chair.

“One push and she’s going to slide out like a little fish,” I confidently told him, “Now.” And she did. He was nervous to catch her with his bare hands and so he caught her in the folds of a towel that had been resting on his knee. Perhaps it was my fish analogy that I had used as a visualization and dua throughout the pregnany that made him worry about how slippery she would be; “Please Allah” I had prayed “let her just slip out like a little fish.”

We delighted in her- so much hair, a lovely warm color and plump, masha Allah- and then my husband turned to me and asked “Is that it? Are we done?” “No!” The placenta. This was the part I was a little freaked out about. I nursed her and felt a stirring again. Within the time of a few small contractions I pushed the placenta out and it just barely fit in the basin I insisted my husband exchange for the smaller one he originally brought home. Everything was truly perfect.

We debated if we should call in the kids to meet her. It was then that I realized they were watching the movie Cheaper by the Dozen II and right at that second was the typical screaming freak out hospital birth scene. Oh the irony. The kids, just outside my bedroom door never heard a peep and still didn’t even know that she was born. We decided to just have my sil come meet her until we could clean up a little and get me into the bed. My sister in law snuck in and gushed over her for a bit before helping with the umbilical cord. We waited for the cord to stop pulsing and then husband put on the clamp and separated us. That always gives me a little bit of the sads.

Sister in law snuck back out and after I got comfortable in bed the kids came in to gush over their new little sister. It was a most brief gushing as they had just started another movie and were easily ushered back out. The husband then rushed over to the mosque to brag about his inception as a midhusband, I mean to pray mahgrib. When he returned home I took a nice little bath and he cleaned our room all up (just like the midwives do!) and then Asiya was ready for some more boobies and a nap. Very ordinary birthing stuff.