Tell Your Story

8-Week online creative non-fiction workshop designed to get you writing from start to submit.

Begins Tuesday, April 12, 2016

This 8-week workshop is designed to do a whole bunch of things for you and your craft. Firstly, assignments simply motivate some of us who are otherwise floundering in our writing practice. Engaging and varied exercises are planned with flexibility to meet your needs and to get you writing. Then there is the opportunity to acquire some new skills through direct feedback on your work from a professional editor and writer, as well as all the helpful little tips I will be providing you with. You will also get fresh weekly reader feedback through peer reviews of your work.  For published or would-be published authors, this class can help you to find topics related to your work for marketing placement in various publications. Lastly, this class aims to get you into position to have some pitches and pieces ready to send out into the world of print and publishing.

The “Tell Your Story” Workshop is conducted online in a private and supportive space.

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Refund Policy: I have meticulously calibrated the size of these workshops so that each attendee gets ample attention from myself as well as a diverse return of peer reviews. So, once you have taken a slot in our carefully quantified group, I trust that I will not have to scramble to refill that slot at the last minute. Please tell me about your workshop expectations before paying so that we can figure out if this is a good fit for you.
After payment is made, but before the workshop begins, there is three day ‘cooling down’ period in which if you change your mind for any reason I will issue a full refund. Final Word: After the workshop begins, there are no refunds.